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After a great season the Minnesota Golden Gophers are headed to a New Year’s Day bowl game. They are playing in the Outback Bowl versus the Auburn Tigers. How did they react to that selection? They sent the Outback Bowl Committee hand written thank you cards from every player.

Five-year old Ella Legge gave shocked audience members the bird for almost the entirety of her school nativity play in Essex, UK. Ella, apparently suffering from a hurt finger, was trying to let her mother know that her finger was hurting by waving her middle finger at Carla Bovingdon during the play. For comparison she […]

Not everyone is a great chef. Some people have trouble boiling water. This local TV anchor was goaded by her family to make artichoke dip and the results are hilarious!

Child me is smiling. Adult me is also smiling, but someone is cutting onions.

Has he been watching from the woods and understands how to play the game? So many questions!

Isaac Johnson has probably been told several times to shut his mouth. However, opening his mouth has garnered him a spot in the Guinness Book Of World Records for having the largest gape. The Minnesota boy is pretty humble about yet proud of his unique ability.

Roman McConn had found his purpose in life at the ripe old age of 7. He has made it his mission to save dogs, particularly the oldest, longest remaining dogs in the shelters. He as saved over 1,300 dogs and cats. For this work, he was recently named “Kid of the Year” by the ASPCA. […]

Some pigeons in Las Vegas have been spotted wearing cowboy hats. No one knows why, but it’s happening. Only in Vegas! No word if you get charged 20 bucks to take your picture with them.

You may have seen the recent story of an artist that nailed a banana to a wall and put duct tape over it and called it art. Pretty lazy to me. Apparently he has one major critic that came into the gallery and ate the banana. Hope he had ….. a bunch of insurance!

If you haven’t seen or heard of Peloton then you’ve been far away from any kind of media. Peloton is basically a workout bike that links to trainers via the internet and a video screen and can be manipulated by them. They recently came out with a commercial where a very fit woman gets it […]