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Every summer we make big plans to have some fun. Boating , camping, vacations and of course CONCERT FESTIVALS! Well, the festivals and concerts were shelved, but we want to help you feel like you’re there right in your backyard, camper, or wherever you’re celebrating this weekend! We’re having a CAMPFIRE CONCERT starting at 5PM […]

When someone passes away it can be hard to know what to do next. In this case a woman from Florida decided her husband, who had passed away suddenly still needed to travel. So she found the only way she felt was the best option. Click the picture to read the whole story.

Somethimes things just happen for a reason. A boy and a girl in the same place meet by chance and they fall in love. They decide to get married and as the priest says a funny line Mother Nature decides it’s a great time to join the ceremony. Sound up!

It’s always best when you can share a beer with a friend. Just sitting in your driveway or out fishing. Maybe you’re watching the big game or having a game of cards in the basement, or at least on a Zoom call. Well, now your “best” friend can join you as Busch releases their beer […]

There is nothing more terror inducing to a parent as when they turn for a moment and their child is not there. Now imagine you’re at the beach and your child has floated away on a giant inflatable. Luckily for these parents in Greece a local ferry crew came to her rescue. A giant unicorn […]

When it’s hot and you want to have a cold drink you might reach for a coldie. Chad, out in California had that thought when wildfires threatened his home. He ran out of water so he grabbed the next best thing. If this doesn’t become a Super Bowl commercial of some sort I will be […]

There are a lot of medical anomalies out there. It weirds me out to wonder if I have one that might be this severe. Sure there may have been “chemicals” involved with her condition, but just think if YOU woke up in a funeral home.

In a “It sure is dusty in here” moment Will, from Mankato, MN asks his brother to be his best man.

Every year the Girls Scouts come around to ruin your New Year’s resolution with cookies. Delicious, wonderful cookies. You say, “Just one box will be OK”, but you realize you bought one from 10 different Scouts. This year the temptation will be even harder to resist with their new Toast-yay cookies. The new flavor is […]

Growing up in the tri-states we have had plenty of different types of snow. From the soft, fluffy and quietly falling snow to the wet, thick mess that ruins your back with one scoop of your shovel. In Switzerland they got a different kind of snow that may be pretty difficult to clean up, but […]

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