Highlight reels in sports are not uncommon. We see them all the time form the football and baseball fields to the volleyball and basket ball courts. It’s truly impressive when we see a miracle play, and it means more when our own team is the one making the play. On occasion there are those that […]

IMPORTANT: THIS GUY IS A PACKERS FAN. So before you put up a comment against the Vikings or any other team he is a fan of that team and is laughing at the fact his own team lost. Maybe read that again before commenting. With that being said he takes a look at certain team’s […]

FOOTBALL! Always an exciting time in our neck of the woods. The rivalries are deep and at times without mercy. There will be trash talk. There will be hurt feelings. In the end though, there will be food and beers and everyone gets along again. The NFL this weekend had a slew of great playoff […]

There really isn’t anything like going to a NFL game. So many epopel gathering to cheer on their favorite team and just have a good time. You’ve got tailgating before the game, beers during the game, and hitting the bars after the game whether they win or lose. Being in the stands can fill you […]

Yesterday’s game was not a great start for the Minnesota Vikings. Before even one second had come of the clock there was a false start penalty called. That was just the start of a string of penalties and miscues in the first half of the season opener at the Cincinnati Bengals. Most of the mistakes […]

Every so often we are graced with someone running onto the field at a major sporting event. Sometimes they are clothed and sometimes they are not clothed at all. This used to be popular pastime in the 70s and 80s without much more than a slap on the wrist and maybe a stay in the […]

NEWS FLASH: Major sporting events are about the athletes not those standing on the sidelines watching. Too often you have someone trying to “be a part of it” by running on the field, streaking, jumping into a picture in the background, holding up a controversial sign, and my personal pet peeve, yelling during a moment […]

I’m a huge Vikings fan, but I’m not sure I would go this far to wait until they won a Super Bowl. If I thought it would help then I would definitely do it. He might be up there until the end of the season.

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