Written by on September 13, 2021

Yesterday’s game was not a great start for the Minnesota Vikings. Before even one second had come of the clock there was a false start penalty called. That was just the start of a string of penalties and miscues in the first half of the season opener at the Cincinnati Bengals. Most of the mistakes were made by the offensive line that really didn’t get in sync until later in the game. The Bengals got up 24-7 but the Vikings fought back and with just minutes on the clock tied the game with a last second 53 yard field goal to send it into overtime. The Vikings were driving for a score where either a touchdown or a field goal would win them the game. Running back Dalvin Cook got tackled and the ball popped out and the ref ruled it a fumble. Instant replay clearly showed that he was tackled and then the ball popped out, but the refs didn’t see it that way. The Bengals got the ball back and won on a field goal of their own. Let’s just say the internet blew up with Vikings fans, and general NFL fans alike spouting their displeasure with the call. One person on Tik Tok who goes by @CadillacJackk decided to post his mom’s reaction to the game and it has gone viral! Let’s just say that Jackie’s reaction was all Vikings fans at the end of that game and we’re here for it. We’re posting the link to KFAN’s, the Vikings’ flagship station YouTube page since they have an edited version with most of the saltier language tamed down.

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