Written by on January 26, 2022

IMPORTANT: THIS GUY IS A PACKERS FAN. So before you put up a comment against the Vikings or any other team he is a fan of that team and is laughing at the fact his own team lost. Maybe read that again before commenting. With that being said he takes a look at certain team’s season going through the many emotions they feel at different stages. I always get a kick out of his takes and relate to the feeling that his character is going through and the way it reminds me of the past season. We invest a certain amount or time and emotion into our favorite teams and those emotions ebb and flow with each game. The only team that doesn’t have their season end in misery is the winner of the Super Bowl, and eve they have their off moments during the season. So sit back and get a few chuckles at the expense of your own team, or at the expense of that annoying Packers fan at work that wouldn’t shut up about them and then took a “sick day” this last Monday.

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