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“From the land of sky blue waters!” If you’re of a certain age or your parents raised you right you didn’t just read that line. You were singing it. Hamm’s beer was a pretty iconic beer from 1865 until 1997 when the brewery in St. Paul, MN finally closed. Hamm’s was the 5th largest distributor […]

The housing market the last couple years has been pretty insane. Houses have been selling well above their true market value all over the country. During the pandemic people were selling due to concerns of not working while those with secure jobs jumped on the opportunity to get their dream house or upgrade from what […]

OK, I’m over 40 and my kids are grown so I do what everyone else my age does and that is peruse Zillow. Sometimes to find weird or cool houses, but mostly to look at local listings we can’t afford and send them to my wife with sayings like, “Look at this piece of crap.” […]

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