Need A House With A “Man Cave”? Because Here’s A House With An Actual Cave

Written by on May 6, 2021

OK, I’m over 40 and my kids are grown so I do what everyone else my age does and that is peruse Zillow. Sometimes to find weird or cool houses, but mostly to look at local listings we can’t afford and send them to my wife with sayings like, “Look at this piece of crap.” Then I wallow in my self pity and go on with the rest of my day. Today a friend of mine posted a current listing on Facebook off of Zillow Gone Wild with a listing out of Rochester, MN. The gentleman has a Tik Tok where he says it’s in New York, but I confirmed the listing on Zillow itself. What’s unique about this home is that it was owned by a doctor that worked at Mayo Hospital. It has some beautiful floors and unique rooms, but the craziest thing is …… the caves. That’s right there are actual caves attached to the house and no one is exactly sure, but the most common answer is that they used to lead to other buildings on the adjoining properties. Just walk through a sliding glass door and you are in a cave that can be used for anything from a wine cellar to cheese making to a bomb shelter to a haunted tunnel at Halloween to going full on Batman and storing all your crime fighting gear. If I buy it I’m going “full Batman” and I will decorate it as such. Or maybe I’ll just watch football games in my actual man cave. No matter what it is pretty cool and I would love to tour it. Just need a butler. Click the picture to see the listing.

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