We’re 12 days from Christmas, so how much would “The 12 Days of Christmas” run you this year? PNC Bank does an annual study on how much it would cost to buy everything from the song. The answer this year is $45,523, up 10.5%.  Or if you bought the items over and over each day like […]

If it hasn’t already hit your feeds it will soon and it’s not something new. “Pilk” is making another round of social media following the “dirty soda” trend of mixing milk, creme, and other syrups with pop. Some combinations sound weird, but are actually quite good. The cola and milk mix was even popular on […]

I love the Christmas season! Always have and I think it’s due to my positive outlook and the chance for people to be better and do better at this time of year. Christmas music is a must, but even I have some songs that I could hear less of or remove from the playlist altogether. […]

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Have you ever been “rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” and felt like the tree and it’s stand could be more useful? It’s like the tree can sit there getting a drink the whole time but YOU have to go back to the fridge to get another beer or mix a drink! You work harder than […]

There are certain traditions that should live forever: trick-or-treating, turkey at Thanksgiving, leaving cookies out for Santa, looking for your hidden Easter basket, and adult beverages at St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up we all have traditions that have changed or been altered slightly to accommodate a myriad of reasons. Growing up this was the time […]

In the Schultz household there have been a few years that we have had a gingerbread house grace our table. Usually the kids built one at school or Lisa got inspired to build one. It usually sits there until someone takes a bite on a dare or it unceremoniously gets tossed in the trash. We […]

Sharing holiday cheer and spreading the value of a dollar across communities, Something Special from Wisconsin offers gift and recipe ideas. “You’re supporting local businesses from around the state when you’re shopping from the Something Special from Wisconsin program,” 73rd Alice in Dairyland Julia Nunes said. “There’s such a wide variety from handmade cutting boards […]

In the season of giving, the Iowa State 4-H Council asks community members to help with a statewide food drive to help the hungry during the holidays. Among the 40 State 4-H Council members leading the effort is Holly Schmitt of Winneshiek County. She said their goal is to collect 10,000 items for Iowa 4-H […]

The commercials started off cute and made you smile! Kids doing fun things with others or with their imaginations! Then we got this gem from Microsoft. After that they went straight for your heart! Taking childhood memories and sad moments that made my wife hate me for showing them to her when they popped on […]

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