It’s that time of year that we see a bunch of Christmas and other holiday ads. Sometimes we get classic ads that have been playing for decades such as the Hershey’s Kisses bell choir, the Campbell’s Snowman Soup, the Corona Christmas Palm Tree, or even the M&M’s meet Santa ad. They’ve been here since the […]

Have you ever gotten something in the mail by mistake? We’ve all had someone else’s mail show up that has a similar name or their post office box is near ours and it gets put in our box by accident. Nowadays people receive packages that aren’t theirs by accident due to a number of issues. […]

This time of the year we all seem to feel full of joy, peace, and food. But not everyone can say that. Some struggle to have or feel any of those experiences and this is the time of year we should recognize that the most. Be grateful for what you have, but remember those that […]

It may seem strange to not have a THE traditional meal on “Turkey Day”. Not everyone has turkey at Thanksgiving and some feel they want a change when Christmas comes around. If you’re looking for some recipes or even a “meat swap” we have some help for you. Kaitlyn Riley-Kesler of the Wisconsin Beef Council […]

Ah, the magical holiday season is upon us! I love how it starts with Halloween giving us scares and frights that we get shivers and screams from all in the name of fun. Thanksgiving gives us a time to reflect on family and the good we experience. While Christmas gives us a time of giving […]

Call it a Christmas miracle:  Even though strikes have brought Hollywood to a standstill, Hallmark has 40 all-new, original holiday movies in the pipeline for this year. No, they didn’t break the strike or use scabs.  They didn’t even get exemptions.  They just ramped up production when it became obvious that the strike was coming. […]

Not everyone that could use a hand necessarily has a medical need or a housing emergency. There are other times that people could use a pick me up or help that most might not think about. That’s the mission of Ring and Run in Houston County. They give the funds they raise to individuals that […]

We’re 12 days from Christmas, so how much would “The 12 Days of Christmas” run you this year? PNC Bank does an annual study on how much it would cost to buy everything from the song. The answer this year is $45,523, up 10.5%.  Or if you bought the items over and over each day like […]

If it hasn’t already hit your feeds it will soon and it’s not something new. “Pilk” is making another round of social media following the “dirty soda” trend of mixing milk, creme, and other syrups with pop. Some combinations sound weird, but are actually quite good. The cola and milk mix was even popular on […]

I love the Christmas season! Always have and I think it’s due to my positive outlook and the chance for people to be better and do better at this time of year. Christmas music is a must, but even I have some songs that I could hear less of or remove from the playlist altogether. […]

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