Written by on November 14, 2023

Ah, the magical holiday season is upon us! I love how it starts with Halloween giving us scares and frights that we get shivers and screams from all in the name of fun. Thanksgiving gives us a time to reflect on family and the good we experience. While Christmas gives us a time of giving and hoping peace until the world with New Year Day celebrating a new beginning. However, have you ever reflected on Christmas and thought, “How the heck can I scare my kids into peeing their pants? What can I do to have people come to my house and question my decorating?” Well, Home Depot is gonna help you out with that! They have an animatronic Jack Frost that’s making folks quickly forget Target’s Lewis. Remember that giant pumpkin headed ghoul? While Jack Frost has been branded both a villain and a hero in movies and Rankin-Bass Christmas specials Home Depot has made him an absolute fright. With glowing eyes and frightening features and hair the 6 foot tall frozen fright inducing figure says scary saying and laughs maniacally as he moves back and forth. Imagine leaving this thing on and your kid runs down early to check out the gifts and is greeted by this nightmare? Funny or terrifying? My luck is I would forget about it heading downstairs as well and get the crap scared out of me. You can get it for $200. Merry Christmas??? The following video has been viewed over 2 million times with varying reactions to Jack and the individual and their feelings. And another one with a bunch of his sayings.

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