We all make sure to check the weather reports on the local news. Gone are the day when it was a basically a cardboard bulletin board with pre-placed shapes and numbers. The technology has been around for decades for the weather reporter to stand in front of a green screen and chose multiple graphics and […]

Imagine filming an ad for a bowling alley and getting the participants to not duck, shift, or react at all to a drone zipping past their heads at high speed. Not only that but to get it in one shot! This video is taking the internet by storm and for all the right reasons. Bryant […]

Are you a “cake eater” or just a kid from “District 5”? Either way, if you were a fan of The Mighty Ducks movies then that bit of nostalgia is returning! Disney+ is bringing a TV show based on the 90’s movies to their slate of programming and people are excited to see it. So […]

Last night I saw this story come out and thought, “WOW! Glad no one was hurt and the plane looks intact.” That was the aftermath. Usually you don’t get the video of the actual landing. This is time is different as the traffic cameras caught the whole thing! If you’ve ever driven 35W south of […]

You may know Ron Johnson from his days as a wide receiver for the Minnesota Golden Gophers or the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. You may know him as the cohost of Vikings Fanline, which can be heard on KQ98 after Vikings games. It’s his daughter Kamryn who is the star now! She and her friends are […]

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