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Hollywood has it’s many characters and stars from all walks of life and genres. We know the stars by an easy glimpse whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, or Meryl Streep that are on the screen. The stars are easy to remember and there have been a million more actors and actresses that we have forgotten over time that were supposed to be the next big thing. Along with that are the actors and actresses that we see on TV and film a hundred times that we recognize, but don’t know their names. These are character actors. I have always referred to them as “That One Guy/Gal” and you probably have too while maybe remembering a role in a movie that they were in. You may have referred to them by a part they are famous for of another connection such as a relative in Hollywood. For examples: Ron Howard’s brother, The Scary Mexican Guy, the mean prison guard in The Shawshank Redemption, She was the secretary in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, She was that doctor on ER, She was Rose’s mom in Titanic, He was the hotel manager in John Wick … you know who I’m talking about, right?! Out of all of them there is one man whose name you really should know because he’s been acting in TV and film for 56 years and he’s still doing it at 92 years old. Yesterday he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. James Hong has been working so long that he actually worked with Groucho Marx when he was still popular. He is one of those faces in Hollywood where you always see him pop up and add to the story or scene. He has been credited with 452 different roles over the years with a few being well remembered. In the 80s cult sci-fi film “Big Trouble In Little China” he played the main antagonist, Lo Pan where he chewed up every scene with a mixture of creepy and psychotic actions.

One of his most memorable TV characters was as the Chinese restaurant host, Bruce in “The Chinese Restaurant” episode. You may also recognize his voice from the “Kung-Fu Panda” movies where he voices Mr. Ping. No matter where you’ve seen him you immediately recognize him. One thing most people don’t know is that he grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota and he fought in Korea. His attitude in the following interview towards the roles he was given reflects that acting doesn’t always give the star treatment that some deserve, but he is one of the most well respected actors in Hollywood and that star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is well deserved and well earned. At 92 years old he is still full of life and ready for his next role. Sure, Judy Garland, Bob Dylan, Prince, Josh Hartnett, Jessica Lang, and others may be well known, but they don’t have the resume that James Hong has, ya sure you betcha!

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