Every year we hear of events where you can watch movies and get paid for it. Whether it’s watching a Star Wars or a Marvel Movie Marathon or perhaps a string of musicals or war movies they want to pay you to watch them. A recent one from is just in time for Halloween […]

The Marvel Universe exploded over the last decade or so. You couldn’t not see something about their superhero movies on a daily basis. The popularity of their movies with both comic book and movie fans alike is pretty incredible. After the last movie “Avengers: Endgame” came to close it also closed that chapter of their […]

Some know that I’m a big film buff. I love movies! This last year was tough on someone like me who couldn’t get out to the movie theaters. Some films you can watch on the home TV, but some require that “experience” you can only get in the theaters. I’m pretty sure if I had […]

Unfortunately there might not be a lot of snow to send the kids out to play on. No snowmen. No sledding. No snowball fights. That sounds terribly boring. Your whole family might be inside for a bit this holiday season with no school work to do or maybe you’re finally using that vacation time before […]

Movies are meant to be seen on the big screen. Being there takes us to a full level of escapism that we don’t fully feel in our homes. However, in the current world situation going to the theaters isn’t the best thing to do. How do production companies combat this? Warner Brothers has announced that […]

Oh, those days gone by where you went to the local video store and walked the aisles looking for a movie to enjoy. Those days are pretty much over. Blockbuster was the king of all video stores and the last to basically die off. However, you can now enjoy staying at the store as long […]

Drive In theaters have had a resurgence in the United States because you can easily socially distance. You’re in you own car and it’s outside which are both positives. In France they’ve gone one step further with boats on the river Sienne. We could do this too! You wouldn’t have to worry about someone walking […]

I’ve always been a bit of a movie buff and lover of “The Big Screen”. I do my best to catch as many movies as I can, especially if they are of the blockbuster kind in the theater. Most don’t know, but the Oscar’s were simply made as an advertisement for movies and the movie […]

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