New York

When there are bad snow storms you know what you have to do to get your walk or driveway cleared. You may see businesses with large parking lots and they have to make giant snow piles to try to clear the glut of the pretty white stuff. Imagine if you will having to not just […]

In the most New York style of dance off the Cyclones, the minor league team in New York have an annual contest. It is attached to possibly one the so bad it’s iconic moments in TV and dance. I’ll be the first to admit I was never all in on Seinfeld back in the day […]

Aaron Rodgers sucks. There, I said it. Now to be clear, not the player that won a Super Bowl and will go into the Football Hall Of Fame with an amazing career. I respect the game. The guy himself doesn’t come off as a great person. Packer fans found a dislike for him more than […]

We’ve heard this for decades now: don’t use laser pointers on people that are doing their job. Really at any time, but it has to be stressed for those working because it can cause them or someone else to get hurt. The two places you hear it the most is during sporting events where there […]

We’ve all seen the meme where the guy at a baseball game is talking to a girl and it looks like he’s explaining somthing to her. It has become popular because the look on her face indicates she isn’t listening and his look is that he’s in full “bro” mode explaining something that she either […]

As a society we are always in a hurry. We don’t like to wait too long for anything and patience seems to be lacking with many people. What I like about this story is people put their need to be somewhere aside and helped out. Fritz Sam saw a commotion on the street while taking […]

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to call in a professional to get the job done. Occasionally there is a person with a particular set of skills that make it tough for pests out there. Recently, a bar in New York had an unwanted visitor that needed to be removed, and that visitor was a opossum. It […]

Twenty years ago on September 11th our entire world changed. Not just how we travel or even get on a plane anymore, but how we live and view the world as a whole. The memories stick with most of us that witnessed that day. It’s hard to imagine explaining to the next generation or to […]

We all have a dream. Maybe it’s to be the best doctor in the world. Maybe it’s to travel to exotic lands. Maybe it’s to be a DJ right here in the tri-states. No matter what your dream you should never give up. Reza Beluchi will never give up on his dream of running on […]

I love old buildings! They have so much more character and beauty then modern buildings that are usually just squared off and boxy looking. When they are repurposed for new businesses I feel that’s the best thing you can do. The outside might look the same as it always has with some minor updates with […]

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