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When there are bad snow storms you know what you have to do to get your walk or driveway cleared. You may see businesses with large parking lots and they have to make giant snow piles to try to clear the glut of the pretty white stuff. Imagine if you will having to not just clear the parking lot but the entire inside of your business of snow. Football stadiums have had to deal with this for decades. First, they have to get the field as clear as possible then they have to try to clear the stands where the customers sit. There have been videos of teams using slides, conveyor belts, and an army of fans to dig out the snow and make a place to sit. Usually they can get it all cleared out. Unfortunately, for the Bills and Steelers fans the storms at the Bills stadium were very intense and they had to move the game to Monday. The grounds crew and some fans were able to come out and try to clear as much snow as possible, but not as many people could be available to help on a work day even with the holiday. There have been a few videos of the game experience but the one that is getting a bunch of hits is a family trudging through the snow to find their seats while the dad literally clears a path through almost wait deep snow. Of course the internet is having fun with it by responding to reporter Chris Adamski’s post with memes and adding music to it. Would you do this for your favorite team? I would! But then my team plays in a domed stadium.


Hopefully thats the right row. ???? [via Chris Adamski, h/t @TribLive]

♬ original sound – thescore

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