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In the most New York style of dance off the Cyclones, the minor league team in New York have an annual contest. It is attached to possibly one the so bad it’s iconic moments in TV and dance. I’ll be the first to admit I was never all in on Seinfeld back in the day or even right now. I do know some of the better moments and pop culture attributes that the show brought to the lexicon. One of the few episodes I actually caught the first time it aired was when Elaine was at a work function and decided to dance. Elaine’s terrible dancing was nothing we expected at all. Maybe it would be something 80s-mom-style dancing, but what we got was so much better. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss put on a spectacle of awkwardness that immediately became iconic so much so that at dances nowadays you’re gonna see someone trying to imitate it to the joy (or cringe) of their friends and fellow guests. This year’s crop of dancers was pretty good with the winner standing out with spot on moves that only Julia herself could fully appreciate and copy. You can compare them to original below.

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