Every year the talk of resolutions comes up and how we’re going to change habits and “make (insert year here) the best year ever!” Sometimes we put too much pressure on those resolutions and set unattainable goals or feel like if we stray for a bit we can’t start back up. Some goals are easier […]

I love the Christmas season! Always have and I think it’s due to my positive outlook and the chance for people to be better and do better at this time of year. Christmas music is a must, but even I have some songs that I could hear less of or remove from the playlist altogether. […]

There will always be a few new words that become part of the lexicon and deserve their place in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. They become a meaningful part of people’s everyday language and are timeless. Even some slang words become fit to join the list. Now a large number of words have been added to the […]

Every so often there is a new flavor added to the Girl Scout’s list of tasty delights. For decades you could only get the same flavors and you had a cupboard stocked full of Thin Mints and Tag-A-Longs. The GSA has seen that they can add new flavors to the old favorites and make even […]

The site Emojipedia says 31 new emojis could be approved in September and hit phones next year.  That’s actually NOT a lot.  121 were added in the last update, and 217 the time before that.  Here are a few highlights from the new list . . . 1.  A “Pink Heart” emoji.  There’s already a […]

The shelf life of a professional athlete is not very long on average. For every Tom Brady there are several more Dimitrius Underwoods. The job status of a head coach can be even shorter. Sometimes a head coach gets his first shot at being the man in charge when he’s pretty long in the tooth […]

In the mid-west when things get cold there are 2 types of people: those that complain and those that put it to good use! We have so many activities we can do when the temperature makes your face hurt. From just going out sledding or skiing to snowmobiling and snowshoeing there is a lot of […]

Brett Eldredge is a man of many talents, especially vocally. He has 5 number one hits starting in 2012 with his single “Don’t Ya”. Growing up in Illinois Brett is more mid-western than Southern Country. He headed to Nashville in 2009 when he wrote the single “I Think I’ve Had Enough” for Gary Allen. Brett […]

There really is no better State Fair than the Minnesota State Fair. Every year there is a bit of showdown between them and the Texas State Fair and the attendance numbers. They have comparable numbers, but Texas goes on for over 3 weeks versus Minnesota which goes for just under 2 weeks. Where Texas has […]

Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line had Covid. He had to quarantine in his tour bus to protect the other people in his home. It was a sacrifice he was willing to make. Within that sacrifice he found inspiration from what was going on in the world around him and wrote a handful of songs […]

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