Every year we hear of events where you can watch movies and get paid for it. Whether it’s watching a Star Wars or a Marvel Movie Marathon or perhaps a string of musicals or war movies they want to pay you to watch them. A recent one from is just in time for Halloween […]

The Earth will always be undefeated in the end. Can you imagine hearing a sound like thunder and going outside to see most of your land missing? What do you do other than run away? You can’t stop it. Who do you even call, a geologist? Luckily this sinkhole formed far enough away from the […]

We’ve all heard the stories about giant, mutated animals living in the sewer. Not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle types but, family pets discarded and somehow given an endless feeding source to grow to historic sizes. More like the Rodents Of Unusual Size in The Princess Bride. In Mexico City this actually happened! ….. Sort […]

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