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Terminator. I, Robot. The Matrix. These are all movies where robots become sentient and begin to think for themselves to the point that the only way to survive is to destroy or subdue all humans. The movie Atlas on Netflix starring Jennifer Lopez is a direct descendant of these films. Where the fear that Artificial […]

The Oscars are coming up this weekend and there is a large collection of movies set to be up for awards. The majority of the movies that are up for Best Picture are on the “artsy” side of things versus being box office smashes. That does make some sense since this is art we’re talking […]

As the human race continues to try its best to improve everything from transportation to the arts we have seen many advancements in several decades. The last 100 years or so we have taken several leaps it seems in a short amount of time. As computers became part of everyday life it feels like things […]

I know there are a lot of people that cringe or turn their nose up at the mention of any sort of science fiction shows. Star Trek and Star Wars are at the forefront of being the most pop culture referenced shows and movies by the general public. Everyone knows a saying from them in […]

Star Wars stirs up instant memories and images of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker batting in spaceships or with lightsabers. Maybe you see strange aliens in your mind or strange people in real life dressing up like the movie characters. That’s all OK because it just shows how powerful it is not just as a […]

Way back in 2016 before there was a glut of streaming services there was one king or streaming and that was Netflix. They were the ones that really pushed streaming services to the extreme by buying and producing original shows and movies. What started out as a few here and there has grown into it’s […]

The last few years the movie theaters have and will be filled with stories around time travel and multiple universes. While the Marvel Universe is centered around it the DC universe is about to open their version of it. After growing up with “Back To The Future” and its simple explanation of time travel we […]

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