A stroke stole his voice. People on the internet have done something similar. While using AI to have some fun with vocal recordings is OK it can come off as hurtful if people are using it to further their career. So, Randy Travis who can no longer sing and his team decided to use AI […]

Bad Grant may never have gotten us the win in the Super Bowl, but that has never stopped the NFL Hall Of Fame coach from being the most loved coach in Vikings history. Bud is cut from the cloth of a time when a hard nosed coach got things done with hard work which made […]

A few days ago this video started to hit the net. It is of a small girl singing “Let It Go” from the hit Disney movie “Frozen”. Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but this time it is much different. The little girl isn’t just some kid that could live down the street […]

There is something satisfying when there is a cameo in a show or a movie. Sometimes it is done to connect us to older versions of the show/movie like having Charlton Heston playing an ape in the remake of Planet Of The Apes in the early 2000s. There are times it is done for comedic […]

Last year was a blow to anyone that had plans to marry. Either they couldn’t have them at all or they were diminished in size due to health concerns. Who else suffered due to the pandemic’s affect on not gathering? Wedding singers. Sure your first image is of Adam Sandler singing to Drew Barrymore with […]

September is wrapping up and the leaves are falling and there’s that crisp chill in the air some days. Next up comes the Holiday Season and hopefully a welcomed end to 2020. Christmas music will start to trickle out and Carrie Underwood is releasing her first Christmas album with some tried and true classics and […]

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