Wedding Singers Want To Get Back To Work

Written by on June 15, 2021

Last year was a blow to anyone that had plans to marry. Either they couldn’t have them at all or they were diminished in size due to health concerns. Who else suffered due to the pandemic’s affect on not gathering? Wedding singers. Sure your first image is of Adam Sandler singing to Drew Barrymore with a killer 80s soundtrack possibly followed up by The Hangover’s wedding band at the end of the movie singing a cringe worthy version of “Candy Shop” by Fity Cent. However, there are real people out there that had to put their dreams of covering Journey’s “Open Arms” and Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl” on hold until the stages could reopen. Even our music service Mid-West Family Entertainment (click that if you’re in need of them) went into full hibernation. So all these matrimonial music mavens want to do is for you to get back to lovin’ each other and booking them to sing you a beautiful song or 20. Ryan Reynolds and his advertisement company got with once again to give us a commercial worth the watch. Can you feel the love?

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