It’s nice when artists share their work early. Carrie is putting a lot of work into her gospel album. So she gave us a gift on HER birthday!

We just talked about this song the other day! Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard of Florida George Line have been invited to play at the Presidential Inauguration for Joe Biden tomorrow. A day after Garth Brooks announced he would be participating more country artists got added. There is a large slate of artists from different […]

Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line had Covid. He had to quarantine in his tour bus to protect the other people in his home. It was a sacrifice he was willing to make. Within that sacrifice he found inspiration from what was going on in the world around him and wrote a handful of songs […]

Paul Miller wants kids to know that when they go back to school they are not alone. He might be, but they’re not because he’ll “be there for you”.

A few months ago Brad Paisley decided that he wasn’t going to let a pandemic get him down. He felt so strongly about that he wrote a song to bring us all together. “No I In Beer” quickly became a bit of an anthem for the current shelter in place society. Better than that though […]

Lindsay Ell revealed she is a survivor of sexual assault. With the release of new song, “make you,” Lindsay is publicly addressing–for the first time–being a survivor of sexual violence. The deeply personal song explores her life after being raped as a 13-year-old. “Three years ago at a visit to help launch the music program […]

Living in a pandemic world hasn’t been all bad. So many home projects have gotten completed. People are going outside more and getting more exercise. Creativity has also been pretty high. So when you listen to and watch this new song – inspired by Brad Paisley and video by Lady A’s Dave Haywood along with […]

Kids can be the most creative people in the world. If you give them a chance they can come up with magic! This young lady from England and her dad recorded a song about dinosaurs and it’s even available on Spotify! Jimmy Fallon sang a cover of it on the The Tonight Show as well. […]

Now us Dads don’t get the credit we deserve sometimes. We also feed the kids, change the dirty diapers, rock them to sleep, and comfort them when they’re sick. It’s time to stop thinking we Dads are just along for the ride and don’t take baby care seriously! With that said, here’s a video of […]

The lines between pop and country have crossed at times for decades. The last five years or so have seen country artists team up with pop artists quite often. Now the current kings of the country love song have teamed up with “The Biebs” on a song about impressing the loves of their lives for […]

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