super bowl

The “big game” isn’t just known for what’s on the field. Many people tune in for the bevy of wonderful or comedic commercials that grace the TV. Some people watch just for that reason alone. Some years are great and some are not. This year was kind of just OK. Nothing Earth shattering and epic, […]

Commercials for beer during sporting events go together like cereal and milk, peanut butter and jelly, chili cheese dip and tortilla chips. Speaking of that last one, you know that at most Super Bowl parties that you attend in the Midwest are going to have the staple of all party dips: Hormel Chili and cheese […]

What a great game yesterday! The Super Bowl was interesting for a few different reasons with the Rams and Bengals being there and the Patriots and Tom Brady not being there. However, as we all know sometimes the most interesting thing to watch is the commercials. Last year I had a hard time whittling it […]

What was expected to be more of a barn burner of a game turned into a bit of a letdown. “The GOAT” versus “The Kid” didn’t live up to the hype that most thought it would be, but it was entertaining for the most part. The biggest discussion every year seems to be about the […]

Kevin Harlan is one of the best voices in sports broadcasting. He has called countless big games, and has a terrific sense of humor and timing. During the Super Bowl a man decided to run the field. We only got a brief view of the guy on the TV screen as he ran through the […]

The Super Bowl always has it’s moments. Whether your favorite Star Spangled Banner version was Whitney Houston or Luke Bryan or your favorite commercial of all time was Apple Computers 1984 or the Budweiser Clydesdales yearly showing there is always something to talk about. Oh, there is a game played too. This year has it’s […]

The Kansas City Chiefs had 20 players and staff members, including star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, scheduled for a haircut Sunday with a barber who tested positive for COVID-19. League sources told ESPN, NFL Media and the Kansas City Star on Wednesday that reserve offensive lineman Daniel Kilgore was in the chair getting a haircut Sunday […]

Sarah Thomas has been a very good and steady official in the NFL. I know we sometimes all over empathize “historic moments” at times, but this is truly a moment where someone has broken through the glass ceiling in a male dominated business. She’s the only female on the playing field! Sarah will become the […]

As the NFL season starts to wind down we get to see the best of the best of the season. This season of Covid restrictions, masks, no fans, no preseason is one we’ll (hopefully) never see again. It’s best when we have a local connection to the game as well. So even though the Vikings […]

The rumors a month ago were true: Winona Ryder was in Winona, MN filming a commercial. Not just any commercial but one that was going to be featured during the Super Bowl! That rumor was true! I actually try to avoid the ads that pop up early because I like to experience them during the […]

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