When it comes to movies there are sometimes stories behind some of the most iconic scenes. Improvisation and sudden script changes have caused changes that have taken movies in altogether different directions. We sit and watch and wonder at times: how did they come up with that? How did they pull off that effect? Who […]

The Commander in Chief, The Head Cheese, The Big Man, the Most Powerful Man In The World, The President Of The United States of America are all ways to address the position. We should show respect to the position even if we may not agree with the person sitting there. Even “Mr. President” (which could […]

Many important moments have happened at the Minnesota State Fair. Teddy Roosevelt’s famous “walk softly and carry a big stick” speech was given there. The first milking machine debuted there. The first airplane flight in Minnesota was at the fair. While this doesn’t necessarily match those moments it’s still important to acknowledge – at least […]

The Super Bowl always has it’s moments. Whether your favorite Star Spangled Banner version was Whitney Houston or Luke Bryan or your favorite commercial of all time was Apple Computers 1984 or the Budweiser Clydesdales yearly showing there is always something to talk about. Oh, there is a game played too. This year has it’s […]

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