With the anticipation that Governor Walz with relax restrictions today many professional teams are hopeful for expanded attendance or full attendance. The Vikings can be the most hopeful since their season doesn’t kick off until the fall and vaccinations should be high enough to safely gather in those types of numbers. Fans are anxiously anticipating […]

Most know that Dolly Parton helped with a donation of funds to Vanderbilt University for vaccine research. Yesterday it came full circle as she received her Moderna shot. That vaccine was developed from research that Vanderbilt was part of. She shared video showing her getting it on social media and encouraged others to do the […]

As some may be wondering: did Tony get that 2nd shot yet? The answer is: yes I got it a week ago on Friday. I once again want to state that I am a volunteer EMT and considered a frontline worker, so that’s why I was able to get vaccinated. Some people have asked me […]

You know how people say that Chick-fil-A has the best and most efficient drive thru process–well, that experience recently helped out a whole lot of people. When a South Carolina drive-thru coronavirus vaccine clinic got backed up, leaving people waiting for hours, the town mayor decided to call in a professional for help: a Chick-fil-A […]

Just so it’s said right up front: I was able to get the vaccine because I am a volunteer EMT and considered part of the front line workers. I’m nowhere close to the heroes working in the hospitals – Doctors and Nurses, cleaning crews, and care professionals that are working in the middle of this […]

Whether you believe or not there are several people in this world that were a little concerned about Christmas this year. Kids all over have been asking their parents and friends and neighbors whether Santa Claus would be showing up this year. With the Corona virus putting a damper on almost everything I’m sure several […]

The $1 million donation that Dolly Parton made to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for COVID-19 research in April seems to have gone to good use. ABC News reports that when pharmaceutical company Moderna announced that its vaccine appears to be 94.5% effective earlier this week, the list of research supporters in the New England Journal […]

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