Doing My Part To Help Stop The Spread

Written by on January 5, 2021

Just so it’s said right up front: I was able to get the vaccine because I am a volunteer EMT and considered part of the front line workers. I’m nowhere close to the heroes working in the hospitals – Doctors and Nurses, cleaning crews, and care professionals that are working in the middle of this pandemic every day. They are doing more and going through one of the most difficult times in modern medical history. I pray for them, those that are sick, those who have to isolate, and all their families every day that this goes away soon. I hope it’s not lost on anyone that if we don’t have our ambulance services healthy, especially in our rural towns that getting people to the hospital from an accident or other health emergency in time could be costly if they have to wait for care to come from another town or city. If we’re going to get things back to normal I believe this vaccine is the largest step in that direction. That’s MY belief. That’s why I’m doing it. I’m posting this to give folks some hope that things are getting better, and not for “likes” or virtue, or praise. I was happy that myself and my wife, also a volunteer EMT were able to get the shot today. We received the Moderna vaccine which is the vaccine Dolly Parton’s funding to Vanderbilt University helped research and develop. It didn’t hurt and neither of us had any adverse reactions. I will always look on the bright side and look to solutions instead of more problems. Solutions are here and I hope they are the kind of solutions that only have to be administered once in someone’s lifetime. Thanks very much to Shelly at Houston County Public Health who administered our first dose today! I can’t wait until they have a line outside the building for every person to get their shots as well. Stay safe and healthy everyone! We will get through this!

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