Shot #2: How Am I Doing?

Written by on February 12, 2021

As some may be wondering: did Tony get that 2nd shot yet? The answer is: yes I got it a week ago on Friday. I once again want to state that I am a volunteer EMT and considered a frontline worker, so that’s why I was able to get vaccinated. Some people have asked me – very pointedly at times of how I qualified when others are waiting. After I explained they were very understanding, but I do sometimes wonder if some people don’t read that explanation and just assume I pulled some magic strings to get moved up in line. The most important question I get is, of course how do I feel, or did I have any side effects. Luckily I can say the worst I had was a sore arm at the injection site. My wife, also an EMT had the same reaction. We didn’t have any symptoms or body aches, and we laid low that weekend and made sure we didn’t overdo anything. It was too cold to do much else! Most of the people I’ve spoken to have been the same or had minor reactions. Going to the Four Seasons in Caledonia and seeing all the people there getting their vaccines was a wonderful sight! I have to admit it made me kind of well up for a second. I saw current and former teachers, other ambulance crews, first responders, and police officers getting their vaccine. The Houston County Public Health team was really doing well getting people in and taken care of. Sure we had to stand outside in the cold for a little bit, but we’re Minnesotans …. we’re tough and we can handle it. It was another great day of hope to getting back on a road to “normalcy”. The biggest feeling I’ve had since getting the vaccine is relief. The weight off my shoulders of worrying not just of contracting the illness, but of spreading it to someone is immeasurable. I’ve said this before, I’m not posting this for me or needing attention. Keep the doctors, nurses, care teams, and cleaning crews in the hospitals in your thoughts and prayers and those families dealing with this virus first hand. I’m putting this out there for those wondering what can happen and how it went for me. I want everyone to have the same experience, but I know some won’t and some will never get the chance at all. The best I can do is spread a little hope.

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