NFL Player Who Almost Lost His Leg And His Life Gets Great Gift From His Wife

Written by on January 4, 2021

Alex Smith has had tough road as an NFL quarterback. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49’ers with their 1st pick. It seemed like it was a great pick at the time. You know who else was taken in that draft? Aaron Rodgers. He was the other quarterback they considered, but thought didn’t fit their team need. Oops. Needless to say he has been compared to the sure fire future Hall Of Fame QB and the 49’ers have been lambasted over the years for not drafting the home town guy that has won a Super Bowl. Alex Smith never really had success in San Fran and was ousted at the position by Colin Kaepernick. He then went to the Kansas City Chiefs and had some success until they drafted Patrick Mahomes and he got traded to the now Washington Football Team. There it seemed like he might find success until he suffered a brutal leg injury that required 17 surgeries to fix. Throughout his ordeal he almost died, almost had the leg amputated, and was told he’d never play football again. He fought all those odds and got back to playing and starting for Washington again this year leading the team to the playoffs. Alex’s wife made him a trophy out of the the legs braces he wore during his recovery.

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