Written by on January 21, 2022

Personally I’m not that big of a fisherman and don;t eat a lot of fresh water fish. I enjoyed it more as a kid, but I get a bit bored and want more excitement. I’ve been salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska and that was an adventure. Sitting out in the cold weather trying to catch fish appeals to me even less. So, you won’t catch me out on ice dipping a line anytime soon. I know that there are different ways to go about fishing and make it more about drinking a few cold ones while watching a game on the TV and wetting a line a few times. I’ve always thought that maybe I would go out if I had the proper ice palace on wheels. I love Charlie Berens latest video about ice fishermen and their attitudes. That even though I’m not an avid fisher that I can understand these stereotypes and I’m sure the folks that hit the ice much more than I do will get a good chuckle.

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