Written by on May 2, 2022

Every year we have the NFL Draft and I am an avid viewer of it. I love the speculation and overreaction of fans and draft experts alike when there is a major trade or a player doesn’t go where they are expected to be picked. We all remember the fall of players like Aaron Rodgers and Randy Moss and the unexpected trade up and selection of Mitch Trubisky. Over the years the NFL has done a better job of having legendary players and fans announce the picks in the later rounds of the draft. On Friday night during the 2nd round they had Ed Marinaro, former Minnesota Vikings running back and actor who appeared on “Hill Street Blues” and “Blue Mountain State” come up to read the Vikings’ pick at number 42. A lot of times the players get their fan base hyped up and have a little conversation with them. Ed decided to wax a bit more than some liked and a producer had to come up and tell him to move on. The great thing is that people on the Internet are having a good time supporting Ed and loving that he did his own thing. It was definitely more entertaining then seeing the same highlights over again and talk about what player hadn’t been picked yet. Of course there are those that have to take it to the negative side of things and just be plain mean about it. I’ll say this, over the years there has been many players that went on and on, pumping their fists and getting their team hyped and all the announcers do is praise them and gush about it. Sure, it wasn’t as exciting, but in a world where everything is being rushed and everyone needs to be “first” it was nice to slow things down a bit and just take the time to listen. I hope Ed gets some sort of commercial out of this or endorsement because he made us think about taking a bit of time to enjoy what we’ve got going on right now and being in the moment. You can check out the video below. Thanks Ed!

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