Minnesota Vikings

Well, it was bound to happen to somebody. It’s difficult to win the Super Bowl and it’s just as difficult to go winless in a season. It has happened to Detroit before and it looked like they might be on that path again in the first season of 17 games. You just don’t want it […]

Have you heard this one before? The Vikings play a close game overcoming a deficit in the 4th quarter only to lose due to a few flukes and a few missed opportunities. How about this one? The Vikings allow a team to score in the last few minutes of the first half and go in […]

Kirk Cousins, no matter what you think of him as a player is a very nice guy. He comes off with a wholesomeness not normally seen in pro-athletes in most sports. It’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to hate the guy regardless of his on-field performance. On Sunday he led the Vikings to […]

A win is a win, is a win, is a win. That’s all that matters in the end. Usually at the end of a Packers game if you leave any time on the clock Aaron Rodgers will drive down the field and win the game. It’s like death and taxes. Today the Vikings got an […]

One of the best things about playing the LA Chargers is that it feels like a home game when the Vikings stroll into the stadium. You could see and hear the “Skol chant” being proudly screamed by the throng of California Purple fans in SoFi Stadium. The first half of the Vikings at LA Chargers […]

There is an interesting fact about the Vikings and Ravens games: the teams are 3-3 over the years. Every year the Vikings have won they have gone to the NFC Championship game and every year they have lost the head coach has lost his job. The fact is the Vikings have the talent to get […]

Sunday Night Football in the NFL is always a big night and the Vikings have had their struggles on primetime games. Over the years it has been a theme the pundits can’t stay off of. As they got ready for the evening’s game they got some good news as all-star quarterback Dak Prescot was ruled […]

I don’t know why the Vikings can’t just win a game easily this year. Up by 11 with 5 minutes left the Carolina Panthers fought back and tied the game to force overtime. The worst part of it is that the tying touchdown was a 97 yard drive and a successful 2 point conversion. Sam […]

The saying is, ” a win is a win”, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. The Vikings pulled out a win today at home against the hapless, winless Detroit Lions and I shouldn’t have to even type that sentence. Greg Joseph hit a game winning field goal as time ran out and I shouldn’t […]

I’m really not sure where to put the blame for the Vikings loss today. The only group that didn’t cause me to grit my teeth was special teams. Yes, wow! What a great day of punting! Yes, that is sarcasm. On the first drive the Vikings moved the ball down the field and got into […]

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