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There is a glut of superhero movies or action adventure films out there that you may either love or hate. They are the escapist movies put out to simply entertain you, and for you to turn off the outside world and just be part of the experience. There may be small revelations or “gotcha” moments, but you don’t have to fully engage your brain to enjoy what’s on the screen. Horror movies or thrillers pull you in a little more trying to figure out what the motive is or who the killer really is. Again, you don’t have to put a ton of thought into it unless it’s a “Scream” movie. That’s what is so fun about “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” on Netflix is that you can really put yourself into the movie and play along with the mystery. If you listen to the dialogue the characters are actually asking you to try to solve the mystery. How fun is that?! Glass Onion is filled with great actors and funny lines and moments. If you saw “Knives Out” you know exactly what I’m referring to. They both have their quirky nature and it feels more like you’re watching a stage play rather than a movie. The plot is simple: a billionaire that seems to be an amalgam of real life billionaires inviting his old friends from college to his private island for a murder mystery dinner weekend. He’s the one who is supposed to be murdered but everything takes a twist in one moment. It’s so fun to watch and, as I said play along with the cast.

The acting in this movie is superb! Daniel Craig, Janelle Monae, Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr. Edward Norton, and Kate Hudson all put on great performances. Monae probably does the best job and it shocks me she wasn’t up for a Best Supporting Actress nomination this year. She is a great actress and really shines in this role. Like the old murder mysteries where the room goes dark and there is suddenly a dead body, everyone is a suspect right up to the reveal. I have to admit I had it somewhat figured out as I noticed one moment in the film however, I didn’t have all the intricacies figured out and it was still very compelling up to the very end. The twists that follow the most intense moment in the film keep you really guessing and when they replay the same scenes from different angles you begin to see the complexity of the film and really appreciate the journey. If you think this movie is all an intellectual’s fantasy don;t worry as you will find plenty of moments to laugh at these quirky characters. Director Rian Johnson takes you on a great ride while poking fun at a few moments from the last few years. It’s just over 2 hours long, but every minute holds you as you get involved and watch for clues. I can see people having a watch party with others that have never seen the film and seeing who can figure out the mystery contained in the “Glass Onion”. Can you solve the mystery before the big reveal? The answer is in plain sight.

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