Written by on February 14, 2023

Tuesdays are the worst day for holidays. I can’t explain exactly why, but I’m going tot try. Holidays on Monday or Friday work because you can take them off if you really want to and have an extended weekend. Thursdays are close enough to the weekend that you can take Friday off and spill it over. You might think Wednesday would be worse than Tuesday but you’re wrong because there is usually nothing much going on for kids or parents and if you were to take it off you break up your work week perfectly right down the middle. Tuesday’s are filled with kids sports, meetings, school events, lessons or special classes. You just got back to work the day before so you can’t even concentrate on a holiday on Tuesday. It’s just the worst. Even if Christmas falls on that day of the week you might be lucky enough to get Monday off for Christmas Eve, but if you don’t you also have to go back to work for three days after it. Valentine’s Day on Tuesday is bad because you get too busy, work doesn’t get called off for it, and having a “romantic Tuesday night dinner” doesn’t exactly exude a night of love. More like a PTA meeting. So, if you forgot that today is in fact Valentine’s Day and you are going to get “that look” if you come home empty handed here are some ideas for last minute plans that might save you in the end.

1.  Romantic walk through a park, then going out for dessert.

2.  Getting matching tattoos together.

3.  Ironic fast food date where you both dress up fancy and bring a tablecloth and silverware into the restaurant.

4.  Buy a sushi-making kit and ingredients for a sushi prep date.

5.  Turn your place into a “spa” with candles and the right music, then give them an hour massage.  They will no longer care you didn’t take them to a fancy restaurant.

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