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Until a year ago not many people knew who Warren Zeiders was. You can count me as one of those. then, Country Boom had him in their line up and I made sure to go listen to his catalog of music. There wasn’t a ton readily available, but what I found immediately made me want to listen to more. Zeiders is part of the new country sound that sound more like the old country sound. He falls into the same category as Chris Stapleton, Jackson Dean, Cody Johnson, Lainey Wilson, and more. Less concerned with sounding like a pop country act and more apt to sound like southern roots country and what the 1970s and 80s brought us.

With his toes dipped into the rebel country sound and telling stories about life Warren is not singing about the pretty girl up in his truck. He has songs about the woman he can’t leave even though she’s not good for him and about heading to the electric chair. His first song that hooked me was Ride The Lightnin’ which is a term for getting the death sentence with the electric chair being your final destination. It is beautiful as an acoustic song. I really enjoyed how it sounded live with a guitars and drums driving behind it when I got to hear it live. Zeiders tore it up at Boom with his performance. Everyone I talked with loved it and was looking for more from him. Now his song Pretty Little Poison is climbing the charts on it’s way to number 1.

I’m looking for the next step in his career as more people find his music. As the shift in Country Music continues he will be at the front of that shift bringing more fans to the rebel side of Country.

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