Written by on January 23, 2024

Could your “normal” name be going EXTINCT? looked at names we think of as normal that are becoming much less common.  Baby name trends always ebb and flow, so maybe they’ll be trendy again.  But here are a few names that are plummeting in the rankings right now . . .

1.  Brooke was just the 471st most popular name for girls last year, down around 200 spots from 2022.

2.  Julius, down 189 spots for boys.

3.  McKenzie, down 184.

4.  Johnny, down 150 spots.

5.  Amanda, down 131.

6.  Michelle, down 129.

7.  Diana, down 108 spots.

8.  Bradley, down 104.  That’s after it dropped 77 spots the year before.

9.  Angela, down 94 spots in the rankings.

10.  Norah, down 91 spots in 2023.

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