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Reality performance shows still dot and rule the TV landscape putting out “winner” on a regular basis. American Idol is the king of them all, but can you remember even half of the winners from that show over the years? There are some superstars, but there is a greater number of singers you’ve never heard […]

It’s time to celebrate all things Germany with brats, pretzels, beer, and polkas! Oktoberfest in La Crosse is one of the biggest and the best in the United States! We are wishing everyone a Happy Oktoberfest and hope you have a great weekend either at the fest grounds, the carnival, or the Maple Leaf parade! […]

Not all heroes wear capes, and they aren’t always in the movies or comic books. There are real life people helping others every day. There are those that dress up as a hero to entertain crowds, but they don’t get to act out in real life what they are portraying. Timothy White got to put […]

We often see people singing on social media. Some are OK. Some are terrible. Some are incredible. Put this one in the last category. Kevin LaSure is a security guard at Blake Shelton’s bar Ole Red. He decided to get on stage about a month ago with the band and sing the Chris Stapleton song, […]

It seems every year you have someone complaining about the weather around here. Whether it’s the subzero temperatures with added windchill or the hot as Hades temps with the humidity factor we struggle through some annoying weather. The thing that bothers most people is those that complain about it endlessly and act like it’s a […]

Every year you either wait too long to get your costumes or forget all together. OK, maybe it’s just me that does that. In the past I used to run to Valley View Mall to find the perfect costume or toy store for my kids. If you haven’t gone costume shopping since there was a […]

I really like it when you can get unique flavors of pop (soda for those in Wisconsin). While I’m a faithful Mtn. Dew drinker, when I drink a pop I grew up having every flavor of Spring Grove Pop there was. Grape, strawberry, orange – all of them were a welcome sip. I like it […]

It seems every couple years someone running for office puts out an ad so funny or ridiculous that the media gets a hold of it. The most popular way to go viral is to be so controversial that you scare people or so outside your comfort zone you come off as a bit of a […]

The internet is full of “deep fake” videos and people. Those are videos of people that are made to look so much like a famous person that you really can’t tel the difference. Either just being a look alike or through computer programs and filters it is easy to get tricked by these videos. It […]

Do you even remember certain fashion faux pas from when you were growing up? Do you still follow some that others look at you funny for? While I’ve never worried about wearing white after Labor Day, I have also NEVER done socks with sandals other than as a joke. While the waste of women’s jeans […]

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