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Every summer in the tri-states we get excited for the glut of country concerts we can attend all over the states. We will travel several hundred miles and sleep in less than perfect conditions in order to have fun and listen to some great Country music. WE Fest, Summerfest, Country Fest, Country Jam, and Country […]

People online are talking about “uncommon things that should become normalized.” Now most of these are pretty normal and not to hard to comprehend. I know some will push back on a few like, dressing up which I think is really too bad. If you’re going to a fast food restaurant no one really cares. However, […]

If you’ve ever heard the drop of a lady saying, “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays”, a man yelling about how he’s good with people, or not having enough “flair” then you know why it feels good to be a gangster. The cult classic “Office Space” has inspired a glut of quotes to deal […]

We always hear about backup players coming into football games and using “late game heroics” to win the game. In the world of sports it’s a big moment and may propel that player into the limelight and bigger paychecks. To majority of the world it doesn’t affect too much of everyone’s life. This weekend though […]

Every year the talk of resolutions comes up and how we’re going to change habits and “make (insert year here) the best year ever!” Sometimes we put too much pressure on those resolutions and set unattainable goals or feel like if we stray for a bit we can’t start back up. Some goals are easier […]

Do you remember where you were in 2009? I don’t remember much about it other than I was in the same house I live in now, both my kids were in school, and I was a year away from being on the radio. Crazy. The phones weren’t so “smart” back then and the only way […]

You never want to come to a party unprepared. Whether you are supposed to bring a gift or maybe a hotdish, or a bottle to pass, or wear the proper attire you should not be sitting there as the odd person out. No matter what type of party it is from a fondue party, ugly […]

Every year, especially in fall there are kids out selling item after item. Whether it’s wrapping paper, meats and cheeses, fruit, or cookies your door gets knocked on, or there is a sign up sheet in the break room at work. We all know it usually goes to a good organization, but not always where […]

People online are talking about things we all do in secret . . . pretending that no one else does it . . . but in reality, we aren’t fooling anyone, because we ALL do it.  Here are some of the most-relatable highlights: 1.  “Passing gas in public.” 2.  “When you go into an aisle […]

I covered the Christmas specials you should check out yesterday. Back in the day they were really all of the Christmas shows to see on TV other than series doing a holiday episode. “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Story” would make a showing as would “Miracle On 34th Street” for movies, but those […]

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