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Mitchell Tenpenny is having a bit of a moment. He has two songs currently in the top 10 on the Country Charts with “Truth About You” getting to the top 5 this week and his team-up with Chris Young on “At The End Of A Bar” slowly climbing back down after a run at the […]

While I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world I would still be excited if a home run ball was headed towards me. I do hope I would never get so excited that I would steal the ball out of another person’s glove. It would be worse if it was a kid. At a […]

“Been farming long?” – From that picture hanging in your grandparents’ house. Most of us can only dream of living as long as Earl Mallinger and still be working so to speak. At 105 he is the oldest supplier of sugar to the famous Crystal Sugar Company. I like how he refers to himself as […]

You ever have someone that needs to follow you somewhere, but you’re afraid of them losing you? Do you have a smaller vehicle but want to tow a big camper? This may soon be possible. Toyota is testing out wireless towing where whatever you’re towing, whether it’s another car following you or perhaps a self […]

Everyone deserves the chance to better their health. Some may have to take a different route or get over obstacles to get better, but the chance should always be there. A video has been circulating of a young man with Down Syndrome doing tire flips at the local gym. Who’s there coaching him? The owner […]

The Luke Bryan Farm Tour makes a stop in Minnesota on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at the Gar-Lin Dairy in Eyota and KQ has your tickets!

We all grow up eventually. Our tastes change an become (hopefully) more sophisticated. There are junk foods we regret ever eating in our youth and the cheap brands of alcohol we had to buy due to our paycheck give us memories we would rather forget. I can think of a bunch of places that I […]

There a re a ton of “challenges” on social media. Some are famous and some are notorious. The dumb ones usually get the most attention because they show stupid people doing stupid things. With the “pantyhose-candle challenge” it may look a bit stupid, but it’s actually funnier than hell to watch! Not just for the […]

As a society we are always in a hurry. We don’t like to wait too long for anything and patience seems to be lacking with many people. What I like about this story is people put their need to be somewhere aside and helped out. Fritz Sam saw a commotion on the street while taking […]

We see these stories at times where someone loses a special piece of jewelry and think it’s gone forever. Sometimes the jewelry comes back from someone that finds it by accident or I’ve seen seen stories where a plant in the garden grows and pushes up the lost item. On those rare occasions that someone […]

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