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For the past few years, the city of Kyle, Texas has been trying to break a record by assembling an ARMY OF KYLES all in one spot. They have needed more than 2,325 Kyles to break the world record for “largest gathering of people with the same first name.”  The current record was set in […]

When the story of Jeffery Dahmer came to light in 1991 it was a completely shocking moment. I was in high school, and stories of serial killers seemed like long ago moments that didn’t happen anymore. They sure didn’t happen a state away either as far as I knew. When I heard the report on […]

Polar Plunge has been going on in LaCrosse for 26 years. That’s the longest in the state of Wisconsin! Every year folks brave the jump – or in the case here run into the frigid waters in a show of support and fundraising for Special Olympics. There are a few ways to help this year […]

I’m going to warn you straight up that this video is VERY tough to watch. Even the reporter doing the interview is struggling. A motorcyclist in Florida decides that it’s a great idea to go 100 MPH on a highway. He passes a cop car and it is caught on the dash cam. Before he […]

Every year college football ends and there are thousands of players that never step on a field to play football again. There are also hundreds that try to take the next step to the NFL. After the NFL season is over the speculation on where and if any of those hundreds of players will be […]

It sometimes seems like the organizations that we’ve belonged to aren’t around as much as they used to be. While some clubs may have disappeared altogether some like the scouting organization are strong as ever. Clubs associated with rural growth and activities like 4-H may not be as strong as they used to be, but […]

Beer: a staple of celebrations world wide. In LaCrosse and the surrounding areas you can always find beer as the part of festivals. The only time beer makes us sad is when someone wastes it. When a significant amount falls from the glass or pitcher to the floor we all mourn it and get upset […]

If you’re looking for a new hunting rifle or looking to add to your collection the LaCrosse Gun Show is your stop this weekend. Beer and dancing? Relive what it was like as we headed towards the new millennium. Remember Y2K? You will if you head to Pearl Street Brewery this weekend. Support a great […]

Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock you have probably heard the name “Caitlin Clark” the last couple of years. She is the BEST women’s basketball player in the country and she is playing ball for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. This season has seen her team – who are very good and […]

Too often we hear about this type of thing in our country. Shootings can happen anywhere and in most cases there are several innocent victims. Yesterday the Chiefs were having their Super Bowl Championship celebratory parade. A few people in the crowd obviously had a disagreement and shots rang out. Two people were arrested and […]

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