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You may have seen the video of a Chick-Fil-A employee tackling a would be carjacker the other day. A dangerous and career felon was tackled by Thomas Gordon. Gordon had already chased this guy off once, but had to get physical when the criminal tried to carjack a mother who had her child with her. […]

There are moments that change everything. Some are for the better and we see how much our lives are improved by their existence. Better health or travel or maybe just a better way to watch TV. Some though are for the worse and change not just how we live, but how we view life’s experiences. […]

As a kid we all were waiting for a future where we could watch any show we wanted whenever we wanted to. I had a math teacher that used to say that in the future we would be able to do that as well with music and that actors that were dead could be digitally […]

Right now, the “House of Mouse” is at the top of entertainment. From the theater to the smallest of screens they are the leader. While not every show or attraction is a hit it’s hard to take them off the mountain top. Recently at D23, which is basically a fan convention they released trailers to […]

There will always be a few new words that become part of the lexicon and deserve their place in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. They become a meaningful part of people’s everyday language and are timeless. Even some slang words become fit to join the list. Now a large number of words have been added to the […]

I have to wonder: how do you actually cheat at chess? Apparently there is a way, but it has to be extremely hard since it’s just 2 people playing and staring at the board while they are watched. When I came across this I read the article, but it doesn’t say how they think Hans […]

The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas has been a tough story to read and hear about. The last few months have been very tough on that community. At some point life keeps moving forward and someone has to lead that charge. In Uvalde the high school football team has stepped up to that leadership role. They […]

Does your kid suddenly seem to love corn? Do you know someone that seems to be constantly singing the praises of corn? Do YOU even know that corn is real, is juicy, and is awesome? If so, that might mean you or your loved ones enjoyed the latest viral video of a young man who […]

Many important moments have happened at the Minnesota State Fair. Teddy Roosevelt’s famous “walk softly and carry a big stick” speech was given there. The first milking machine debuted there. The first airplane flight in Minnesota was at the fair. While this doesn’t necessarily match those moments it’s still important to acknowledge – at least […]

Oh bother! That phrase was about as edgy as Winnie The Pooh ever got with his disappointment and Eeyore’s constant bad mood was about as sad as it got. A.A. Milne’s classic stories from The Hundred Acre Woods where a young boy’s best friends are a variety of animals that talk with him and have […]

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