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If you’ve never heard me mention that my wife is a great baker here’s a declaration in print: Lisa is great baker! It’s been more than a joke that she could open her own bakery and we could be rolling in … dough. Sorry about the pun. She works tirelessly around Christmas baking cookies, peanut […]

This is just sad. The Carolina Panthers are having a difficult season and are most likely going to end the season with the worst record in the NFL. They traded away several draft picks and good players so they could draft Bryce Young as their quarterback of the future. Unfortunately, he hasn’t quite panned out […]

There are certain iconic characters that actors are forever tied to. Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker, Tom Selleck is Thomas Magnum, Harrison Ford is Han Solo and Indiana Jones and you can’t really wrap your head around anyone else playing those characters. One iconic 80s character is Axel Foley played by Eddie Murphy. He’s a […]

As we approach the holidays there are less opportunities to shop online or in the big stores. There might be a few local craft sales going on or maybe just hit up your local businesses for gifts that are special to someone. I’ve got an event you can just do from your couch! Don’t forget […]

I use the term “nightmare fuel” sparingly as it should only apply to special occasions of true horror. This is one! A man found a Christmas decoration that is 100 years old and apparently a former Macy’s display item. That’s pretty cool! What’s not cool is that it has become quite raggedy and look like […]

It’s always fun when people help spread holiday cheer this time of year. Some workers get yelled at, talked down to, and outright abused in their customer service positions. I’ve been at the airport and seen people upset with the desk agent about one thing or another. Usually nothing they can control or “fix” and […]

I love Christmas! I love the entire season and the hope and joy it brings to so many people! I have many great memories growing up watching all the Christmas specials that were available to us. I found it sad that as I got older a lot of the Christmas specials had kind of disappeared […]

A couple in New York state named Tim and Grace Gay hold the record for most Christmas lights on a residential property.  Back in 2012, they put up over 346,000 lights.  Then they beat their own record in 2014 with over 600,000 lights. Thousands of people visit their house every December in Lagrangeville, New York, […]

Every year around the holidays we hear about the needs in our communities. It’s good to be reminded that not everyone has it easy at this time of year. With that, if you are able to help by volunteering or by giving donations that is greatly appreciated by everyone. Even the smallest donation of money […]

Another Tuesday, another concert announcement! Brantley Gilbert is coming to LaCrosse in March of 2024. Brantley has been through here before a few times including a performance at Oktoberfest. Brantley has his feet in the “rebel” side of country for sure and sings songs about being from the south and adds some rock to his […]

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