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We have seen similar videos over the past few years: a person tries to get close to wildlife only to be attacked and having more than their pride hurt in the process. Thanks to the Internet we get to watch it over and over and break down how stupid they were. This video is a […]

A few months back we shared a video of a grandson giving his grandpa his grand slam ball he hit that day. Needless to say you would have to have a heart as black as coal to not tear up a bit when you saw it. Recently Bruce Carrier, a native of Houston, MN and […]

Most women continue to do their job as close to their due date as possible. They may have to take it a little more easy or now have the ability to work from home. As a volunteer firefighter you would expect Megan Warfield isn’t fighting too many fires being 9 months pregnant, but it didn’t […]

There are certain traditions that should live forever: trick-or-treating, turkey at Thanksgiving, leaving cookies out for Santa, looking for your hidden Easter basket, and adult beverages at St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up we all have traditions that have changed or been altered slightly to accommodate a myriad of reasons. Growing up this was the time […]

Bonfires at homecoming football games have been a long time tradition. Usually there is a rally associated with it to start the game. It was made up of spare materials from constructing the homecoming floats and a collection of cardboard and wood from local sources. When I was kid the team used to run out […]

Biopics can be a fascinating way to see into the lives of famous people. There are those where we know a majority of their story with several holes or misconstrued moments that have been inflated over the years. I recently saw the movie “Elvis” and it was incredible to get a different view of “The […]

I love the holiday season! From Halloween until New Year’s Day I love the feelings that people put out, the general vibe of the seasons. I truly love it when someone loves a holiday so much that they go the extra mile when decorating. We’ve seen hundreds of Christmas light displays with some set to […]

Every once in a while the discussion of dating comes up with my friends. Such as if we had to start dating now or if we younger and were entering the dating pool. It’s MUCH different than it used to be. Cruising Riverside and hitting up the Silver Bullet for a teen dance aren’t things […]

Taking a trip can be so exciting! Sure, getting packed and ready to go and unpacking when you get home stinks, but the trip and the memories make up for the hassle. And the airport! That can be an adventure all it’s own. Getting there extra early, the screening process, checking in and then waiting […]

We live in an area where outdoors living is a way of life. Hunting, fishing, riding trails are all part of people’s lives in one way or another. I have friends where their pastime of food gathering is like a second job to them, but without the stress. We’ve had bass tournaments in this area […]

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