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Congrats to Lisa Ira, who battled it out against several other qualifiers at Big Al’s Pizza in downtown La Crosse on Monday evening, to claim her prize and become the winner of Destination Dew! Lisa won an epic vacation from Mountain Dew and Gillette Pepsi of La Crosse. The contest was a “choose your own […]

There are a number of movies out there where the main character has a trip to the future or body shift to a different age or a different timeline. “Freaky Friday”, “Big”, “13 Going On 30”, “Family Man”, “A Christmas Carol” ….. the list goes on in different manners and directions including kids being put […]

Every year for the last 47 years Saturday Night Live has been giving us memorable characters, skits, and political jabs. Every year a “Not Ready for Prime Time Player”or two leave the show. Sometimes it’s unnoticed because it was just a featured player and not a main cast member. Every so often though one of […]

Every week in May we will be showcasing a local American Legion and honoring our members of the armed forces both past and present. They are very active in their community with both youth and adult activities. They sponsor scholarships and educational opportunities for students and student athletes as well as raise funds through events […]

Bad Grant may never have gotten us the win in the Super Bowl, but that has never stopped the NFL Hall Of Fame coach from being the most loved coach in Vikings history. Bud is cut from the cloth of a time when a hard nosed coach got things done with hard work which made […]

Imagine you’re just out enjoying the recent nice weather on a kayak. You go down some new and unfamiliar waterways to have a little adventure and really spread your wings. While taking a break to explore the landscape, or you take a dip in the river and your foot bumps and odd object you find […]

As a kid in elementary school I remember watching the news and talking in class about the volcano on the west coast known as Mount St. Helens. I was in 1st grade, but it wasn’t a hard concept to grasp as cartoons of the time made it seem that volcanoes were a major plot point […]

Throughout the month of May, KQ98 is giving our thanks and salutes to all of our local veterans. We’ll highlight area VFW’s and other organizations that work with our veterans and their families to make sure they get the best possible care. Earlier in the month, Brandon Scott in the morning talked with Robert Thoen, […]

OK, there are several foods and drinks being made out there that claim to be the end all be all of curing a hangover. Usually they are a Bloody Mary mixture with a stiff chaser and hot sauce put in to get your metabolism running. However, there are restaurants – usually located not too far […]

When does a superhero show not feel like a superhero show? When you barely see the superhero is the current answer. Marvel and Disney have been masterful in making their movies with a theme involved instead of just heroic antics played out on screen. I mean, they do happen eventually, but the movies are successful […]

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