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There was nothing like having a report card full of A’s and B’s and going to Chuck E. Cheese! You got a bunch of tokens for getting good grades. You could play all the video games and Skee-Ball, and basketball your young mind could think of. If you were REALLY good at the skill games […]

It’s not too often you see something like this in the “Big City” or even in our smaller towns in the area. When you first see this you have to wonder if this cowboy is one gallon short of a ten gallon hat, if you know what I mean. However, he did have a reason […]

Maya Moore spent several years examining and helping with the case against Jonathan Irons. He was recently released from prison. She just revealed they secretly got married! How about that?!

Guy is just trying to nap by the pool and this bear wakes him up. Must have wanted to ask permission before he just jumped in.

Paul Miller wants kids to know that when they go back to school they are not alone. He might be, but they’re not because he’ll “be there for you”.

“If 2020 was a car…” is what I think would be the caption for this video of a porta potty being pushed by wind. No word if someone was inside when it was pulled over.

Goat videos are both cute and scary at the same time. For all the videos we see of them playfully jumping, screaming like people, fainting, or just doing other “goat things” there are equal videos of them butting kids and adults to the ground and destroying property. America’s Funniest Home Videos has made a lifetime […]

Who didn’t really want to be Charlie Buckets at the end of the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”? Whether you’re a kid or a fully grown adult the fact that you would own the most fun and weird place imaginable was hard to resist. Now you have the opportunity to own a place that’s […]

These reveal parties are just getting out of hand! Your Intagram likes and retweets are not that important. Just have a party and make an announcement. No one cares that much, Susan. Cake. Refreshments. “Hey everybody, guess what?!” Baby gender. Done. No one gets hurt, scared, or trapped in a fire storm.

Iron Man, GI JOE, Boba Fett, any space cartoon, movie, or TV show there is usually a jetpack being used. We all thought growing up we would have those by now in every home. Unfortunately the Jetsons and Back To The Future were a tangle of vicious lies. Maybe someone has decided to just make […]

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