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This family is definitely getting a great turn on their investment on swimming lessons. When a 7 year old boy and his sister got swept away their dad did his best to save them, but his son ended up swimming for an hour to get help to save his dad and sister.

Unfortunately there might not be a lot of snow to send the kids out to play on. No snowmen. No sledding. No snowball fights. That sounds terribly boring. Your whole family might be inside for a bit this holiday season with no school work to do or maybe you’re finally using that vacation time before […]

A North Carolina family just wanted to have pizza. When their oven started to smoke they got quite the shock. They found a snake burning in the oven! Even though the snake wasn’t on the pizza they did not eat it. Good choice in my opinion. You can click the link on the Facebook post […]

From the “there’s something you don’t see everyday” file comes the story of a family coming home from dinner to find something protruding from their bathroom ceiling. Apparently a wheel used for moving aircraft from hanger to hanger fell off it and crashed in their roof! No one was home when it happened and none […]

Imagine going on a camping trip and everything is planned and you know exactly where you’re going only to have a curve thrown at you. That’s what happened to this family on a trip this last June. A message in a bottle and some other, unknown hikers got them rescued.

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