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FOOTBALL! Always an exciting time in our neck of the woods. The rivalries are deep and at times without mercy. There will be trash talk. There will be hurt feelings. In the end though, there will be food and beers and everyone gets along again. The NFL this weekend had a slew of great playoff […]

Growing up in a small rural town most of us that played football had one simple instruction for getting in a good workout during the off-season: go toss hay bales. The act of catching them off the baler and stacking them on a wagon, throwing them from a big caged wagon and stacking them, or […]

Have you ever been dared to eat or drink something? Whether it’s super spicy or maybe some exotic entree we’ve all had that moment of wondering whether or not we could stomach the food placed in front or us or whether we could tolerate the heat. Recently the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship in […]

This last weekend was full of football! There was college games that changed the balance of the playoffs and rivalry games that went down to the wire. The NFL was in full swing with games on Thanksgiving Day and then again on Sunday, and in some states there was high school football wrapping up their […]

Speculation always runs rampant when a team is struggling in any sport. In the NHL it seems like coaches get fired willy-nilly every year. However, in the NFL they usually wait until the end of the season because it’s not very long and they might not have anyone on staff to serve as an interim […]

In sports it is always the simple understanding: the team that scores the most points wins. Easy. After that there are certain unwritten rules in sport, especially in high school sports. These are rules of mutual respect given usually when a contest is out of reach by one team and the other team shows a […]

It’s a great time in the fall when tournament time comes around. For small towns a great tournament can really bring a town together rallying behind their favorite teams and athletes. Last year there was barely a season and there wasn’t any tournament games as most were canceled by Covid outbreaks in schools. This year […]

I don’t know why the Vikings can’t just win a game easily this year. Up by 11 with 5 minutes left the Carolina Panthers fought back and tied the game to force overtime. The worst part of it is that the tying touchdown was a 97 yard drive and a successful 2 point conversion. Sam […]

People are losing their minds over GAMES! High school games that teach kids a multitude of life skills as well as the sport itself. Why? No one really knows. Is it because of the “everyone deserves a participation ribbon” mentality or is it that people feel more emboldened by their “rights” to harass someone because […]

Picture it: the Vikings are down in a close game with minutes to go on the road. Their defense stiffens and gets the ball back in the offense’s hands. Kirk Cousins drives the team down the field. All the Vikings need is field goal to win the game. After the playmakers get the ball into […]

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