When the story of Jeffery Dahmer came to light in 1991 it was a completely shocking moment. I was in high school, and stories of serial killers seemed like long ago moments that didn’t happen anymore. They sure didn’t happen a state away either as far as I knew. When I heard the report on […]

“This is my boom stick!” “Give me some sugar, baby.” “Groovy.” If you or your weird friend that can’t stop talking about horror movies uses these on a regular basis, then you know the “Evil Dead” horror franchise started by director Sam Raimi. I was first exposed to it as a kid at a graduation […]

The horror genre is constantly trying to find new ways to bring folks to the theater. The heyday was in the 80s for sure. It has moments of being on top again with innovative takes like “The Blair Witch Project” or the “Scream” series, but it always seems to trail off again quickly. It is […]

There are some movies that are named about as perfectly as can be for what they are about. Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan, Sixteen Candles all have great names and they never actually same the title in the movie. Then there are those named for what they are about such as Jurassic Park, Top Gun, […]

Oh bother! That phrase was about as edgy as Winnie The Pooh ever got with his disappointment and Eeyore’s constant bad mood was about as sad as it got. A.A. Milne’s classic stories from The Hundred Acre Woods where a young boy’s best friends are a variety of animals that talk with him and have […]

Way back in 2016 before there was a glut of streaming services there was one king or streaming and that was Netflix. They were the ones that really pushed streaming services to the extreme by buying and producing original shows and movies. What started out as a few here and there has grown into it’s […]

“Do you like scary movies?” It’s been a pop culture catchphrase for the last 25 years making people afraid to answer the phone while home alone. As much as Freddy, Jason, and Michael have been the pinnacle of horror movie royalty few have pierced that level of popularity as much as Ghostface. The masked killer […]

Every year we hear of events where you can watch movies and get paid for it. Whether it’s watching a Star Wars or a Marvel Movie Marathon or perhaps a string of musicals or war movies they want to pay you to watch them. A recent one from financebuzz.com is just in time for Halloween […]

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