One complaint we have in the northern states that not too many southerners can complain about is potholes in our major roadways. Every year there are complaints issued with cities and counties about tire damaging, car rattling potholes. As long as we have snow and ice on the roads these menaces will continue to be […]

It almost sounds funny or similar to what you would see in a kids adventure movie. The boy hero takes out his slingshot and shoots the bad guy in the face or rear end to scare them away from their sister. This story isn’t funny or a movie though. A girl in Michigan was mushroom […]

We’ve all heard of planes losing pieces or whole engines and the brave men and women who safely get the aircraft to the ground. It takes experience and nerves of steel to handle those moments. Imagine being a 21 year old pilot that is on your 3rd solo flight ever and someone tells you that […]

Every year we’re warned to stay off the ice until it’s think enough to walk on. One of the things to look for is if the ice appears “black” or you can see through it that it probably isn’t safe to be on. There are rare cases when this isn’t the case and you get […]

Amongst all the hoopla of March Madness and people cringing over their brackets busting there are still shining moments at the high school level. Local teams have finished up their basketball season and have moved on to the next sport, the off season, or had the last game of their high school career. The accolades […]

I find stories like this fascinating! As a kid I was always hoping they would find the Titanic and when they did and showed pictures I thought it was cool to find that piece of history. Just think, you are searching for the wreckage of a ship in Lake Superior and hoping to just find […]

We’ve all heard the tragic story from Oxford, Michigan on November 30th. A young man took a gun to school and four people lost their lives and seven others were injured . These stories are never easy to see or read, but when it involves kids with so much life to live it seems to […]

Some schools need to have IDs since they have such large numbers. Safety is important! At Michigan’s North Farmington High School they encourage their seniors to have a little fun with it. They tell them they can dress as characters in their pictures and these kids do not disappoint. You can tell they know this […]

There is always concern that you might find something when digging that you didn’t expect to find. Usually it’s a water service line or maybe electrical or cable wiring. Then there are those of us that have seen movies like “Poltergeist” and are worried that we will unearth a long lost or unmoved graveyard and […]

Sometimes kids do the best things without us even knowing. When I see a story like this my heart feels full that there are kids out there that know what’s truly right and wrong. Not everyone can have the “best” shoes that money can buy no matter how well they play. Some folks are just […]

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