Written by on March 28, 2022

Amongst all the hoopla of March Madness and people cringing over their brackets busting there are still shining moments at the high school level. Local teams have finished up their basketball season and have moved on to the next sport, the off season, or had the last game of their high school career. The accolades have been given out and the gym lights turned off. One special moment you might have missed happened in Michigan where a high school student on a adaptive team made the basket of her life. Jules Hoogland is blind. With this team though that doesn’t matter as they all get their chances to score. We’ve seen many videos over the years of kids with special needs getting their opportunity to score that one magical touchdown, basket, or goal with the varsity team, but this is different and takes a different type of team effort. Watching this video was powerful as the entire gym goes silent to watch her shoot and then explodes as the ball goes in. It truly is a great moment to witness in person or on video.

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