Written by on March 8, 2022

I find stories like this fascinating! As a kid I was always hoping they would find the Titanic and when they did and showed pictures I thought it was cool to find that piece of history. Just think, you are searching for the wreckage of a ship in Lake Superior and hoping to just find remnants of it and enough to identify the ship. Just a few clues that you have to piece together. Instead you hit the jackpot basically by finding the entire ship in pretty much pristine shape even though it has been underwater for 130 years. Researches got that luck when they discovered the coal barge Atlanta this summer near Whitefish point, Michigan. They recently shared footage of the find with media after discovering it this last summer. It’s pretty rare that a wreck is in this good of shape, but it is in fresh water and very cold so it is well preserved. No word if any large jewelry was found with it. Maybe someday as it was hauling coal at the time.

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