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The NFL has the formula for making it the biggest spectacle in sports. No matter if it’s the off season or middle of the regular season the NFL rules the airwaves. The draft has become a three day event, some people want the day after the Super Bowl made into a national holiday or moved to Saturday, and they have entire programs devoted to the full schedule being released. After throwing out a few teases over the last couple weeks the entire schedule was finally put out to fans’ delight. The Vikings – whose games you can hear on KQ98 had already let us know a few big games, namely that they will be playing the Saints in London for week 4. Now we see the entire scope of the season and see the Vikings are going to have some prime time games and holiday match ups to plan your holidays around. They start out with a bang with the hated Green Bay Packers at home and have a wild ride from there with trips to Philadelphia, London, Miami, and the normal division rival cities. The Vikings didn’t have a great season last year so they don’t get a ton of the prime time slots, but they get some signature ones while avoiding playing on every holiday. They play the night game of Thanksgiving against the Patriots, but not on Christmas Day instead being moved to Saturday. One downer is that they play on New Year’s Day when it is traditionally a college football day, but it is the afternoon game at the Packers which could hold playoff implications. Based on the opponents records from last year and some of the changes on a few teams player and coaching staff-wise the Vikings do have one of the easier schedules and will be featuring what most are presuming will be a much more dynamic offense and upgraded defense under the leadership of new Head Coach Kevin O’Connell. Time will tell, but looking this over the Vikings should be able to come away with a 10+ win season barring any fluke injuries or situations. What might be the best thing of announcing the new schedule? That it was announced by Hall Of Fame defensive tackle, and extreme character John Randle. He hates cheese. SKOL! Click here to see the entire schedule.

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