In sports there is always the desire to “win now”. Every owner, team, coach, and player wants to win every game. With the current salaries in the NFL teams must plan for the future instead as they battle keeping their payroll below the salary cap. You will see some teams spend as much as they […]

It’s not often we see something like this in sports. Kids don’t always know what to do when someone is upset especially if they’re upset because they did something to them. This is a beautiful moment in sports and I hope parents see this and encourage their kid to be more like these two young […]

I’ve sat in each of the seats in sports as a player, a parent, a coach, and as a referee. They all have their challenges and important parts of the game experience. The last few years the parent aspect has been affecting the other areas of the games and has caused a level of negativity […]

There are a bevy of stories out there of people having great wedding moments and memories. Whether it’s that crazy dance that your uncle did or the kid that wouldn’t stop talking during the ceremony that made for a funnier wedding tape you can find one. Sometimes we see photos or stories of famous people […]

We get caught up in the athletic talent of players in professional sports all the time. Their ability to run, catch, jump, shoot, and hit are their general makeup. They show us what they can do physically, but a good number of them have other talents that we rarely see. Many athletes have forayed into […]

Bad Grant may never have gotten us the win in the Super Bowl, but that has never stopped the NFL Hall Of Fame coach from being the most loved coach in Vikings history. Bud is cut from the cloth of a time when a hard nosed coach got things done with hard work which made […]

I’d be lying if I said I was greatly impressed with the Minnesota Vikings draft this weekend. Thursday night started with the new General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Head Coach Kevin O’Connell sitting at the 12th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. It was becoming more of an enviable place to be […]

Every year the NFL holds their annual draft where the new stars of the game may be chosen. I say “may be” because no matter how good a player is supposed to be they may become more infamous than famous if they are a bust. Ryan Leaf, Curtis Enis, Charles Rogers, Tony Mandrich, and many, […]

There are the “Big 4” when it comes to sports in America. They are Major League Baseball, National Basketball League, the National Hockey League and the biggest of them all the National Football League. Now there are a bevy of fans for each of these sports and people that are super fans of one sport […]

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