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There are the “Big 4” when it comes to sports in America. They are Major League Baseball, National Basketball League, the National Hockey League and the biggest of them all the National Football League. Now there are a bevy of fans for each of these sports and people that are super fans of one sport that will tell you they care nothing about the others. The only know the names of the players of the sport they follow and maybe the biggest names involved with the other sports. We all know Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Babe Ruth, and Wayne Gretzky even if you never watched a game because their fame transcended the sport they played to make them cultural icons. Even though the NFL is the shortest season with the least amount of games it seems to keep fans captivated year round with their championship game, the Super Bowl seen around the world. People have asked for the game to be moved to Saturday, or make the Monday after a “holiday” because so many people don’t make it to work the next day and productivity is so low. Add in to that the commercials played during the game have become more popular to some than the game itself. It has become an excuse to just get together on a Sunday and eat, drink, and be merry one more time during the winter months. Today marks the official start of the league year for the NFL where teams can sign players to their roster and end up releasing and trading away players to other teams. As a NFL it is one of the more intriguing days of the season. I, for one am glued to social media watching where players go and seeing if my favorite team got better and if their rivals got worse. For some it’s like watching a game of chess. Unless you are watching the Jacksonville Jaguars who are throwing money around at undeserving players like confetti. They aren’t even playing chess! It’s more like Monopoly. So all those stories you saw or read about Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins have become official with more moves to come in the next week or so until it dies down. But don’t worry it all comes back at the end of April for the NFL Draft when they once again show their dominance over the sports world again without even playing a game.

If you want to see what your team and everyone else is up to click here to go to ESPN who seems to have the easiest to navigate free agency page. Or click here for NBC’s page that looks at the best available players and whether they have signed or not.

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