There have been pairings of artists over the last few years that have inspired us and entertained us. In Hollywood we have always wished for team ups of superheroes in our favorite movies. Last night at the Grammy’s there was probably the biggest and most anticipated pairing of the last decade. Ever since Luke Combs […]

I understand this to a point. I’m very aware that I need a dose of caffeine daily and if I don’t get it I am going to be tired and have a massive headache the next day. I used to have a Mtn. Dew every day to get my fix. As I work earlier now […]

OH HELL YEAH! It’s time once again to party at Country Boom! Every year Jon Holthaus and his team get together and put together a party in our backyard. It’s wonderful on so many levels from not having to drive across country to get there to being able to sleep in our own beds to […]

The Grammy’s, just like every awards show has a large number of categories for music because there are so many styles. Add that in with all technical awards and you could have a show that spends most of a day to get through. Even with a pared down list it is quite daunting to see […]

If it hasn’t already hit your feeds it will soon and it’s not something new. “Pilk” is making another round of social media following the “dirty soda” trend of mixing milk, creme, and other syrups with pop. Some combinations sound weird, but are actually quite good. The cola and milk mix was even popular on […]

I really like it when you can get unique flavors of pop (soda for those in Wisconsin). While I’m a faithful Mtn. Dew drinker, when I drink a pop I grew up having every flavor of Spring Grove Pop there was. Grape, strawberry, orange – all of them were a welcome sip. I like it […]

Have you ever been dared to eat or drink something? Whether it’s super spicy or maybe some exotic entree we’ve all had that moment of wondering whether or not we could stomach the food placed in front or us or whether we could tolerate the heat. Recently the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship in […]

As most people know Mtn. Dew has traditionally been associated with alcohol. I mean, it’s basically slang for moonshine. It was invented as a mixer for whiskey, but evolved into the country-fied, fun loving drink of summer. Normally associated with extreme sports in the 90s, their ads have always been fun and full of exciting […]

Not all marketing strategies work out well for collectors. In this case Disney opened their new Star Wars themed park called Galaxy’s Edge. They offer bottles of Coke products in collectable shapes of the Star Wars universe’s version of a grenade: a thermal detonator. Unfortunately the bottles look too much like the real thing and […]

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