Written by on January 14, 2022

Have you ever been dared to eat or drink something? Whether it’s super spicy or maybe some exotic entree we’ve all had that moment of wondering whether or not we could stomach the food placed in front or us or whether we could tolerate the heat. Recently the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship in college football by defeating Alabama. It was significant since the last time they won was in 1981 and Hershel Walker was on the team. The corporate office for Coke-A-Cola is in Atlanta Georgia and to celebrate they made custom bottles in 1981 to celebrate the win. Several Bulldog fans collected and saved these bottles. After the win Monday several people started bringing out the bottles to celebrate and show them off. Then, a few people started to think, “Maybe I should drink this. Would that be a cool way to celebrate?” The answer for some was “yes” and they started to down the now 41 year old soda pop. One man decided to film the occasion and he doesn’t merely sip the sugary drink, but he proceeds to chug the entire bottle! I give a lot of props to this gentleman in his exuberance of downing the old Coke. It sounds like a number of people have done the same thing that I saw one person on Twitter ask, “Are we all going to be sick tomorrow?” Who cares?! It’s worth it.

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