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There are people that lookalike in this world. My father in law claims that we all have a “guy out there that looks just like me”. Some of those lookalikes resemble famous people and some of the time they take that and use it to be a celebrity impersonator. A good gig if you can […]

When is a high school NOT a high school? When they play a football game on ESPN and no one knows that. Over the weekend ESPN had a high school game where IMG Academy, a school where kids go to basically become better players played against Bishop-Sycamore a high school form Ohio that may not […]

It always seems like when we’re in a hurry we get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle with no opportunity to pass. Slightly more frustrating is when our way is completely blocked. I’m about to appeal to anyone that lives in or makes many trips to Winona and gets caught at the dreaded train crossing […]

Growing up in rural Minnesota I was no stranger to living in and going to friends’ houses that had rural art on the wall. Art that reflects where we live and many people’s roots. Whether it be paintings of deer or livestock, or prints with Holly Hobby or Norman Rockwell scenes we all felt the […]

With some performers we almost always see them “in character” especially when it comes to professional wrestlers. They are a good guy or a heel and we cheer for them for different reasons. They all have their own unique personality, catch phrase, and wardrobe that distinguishes them from all others. Sometimes folks forget that they […]

Sometimes you just have to find a different way to express yourself. A man in Australia used his skills in sheep herding and grain placement to honor his aunt who had passed away because he couldn’t attend her funeral.

Just this last week my wife and I vacationed up in Lutsen, MN on the North Shore. Gorgeous area surrounded by national and state forests! Now we are not the type to go hiking and camping along the way, but we did enjoy some great hiking for a few days. On our first night there […]

Celebrities can be strange at times and sometimes be a bit rude. You know? Just like anyone else! It’s truly cool when they stop and do something they don’t need to do just because to the delight of one fan or a group of them. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does this quite often. Whether he […]

Let’s start this out the right way: thank God people were smart enough to call 911. It’s exactly what they should do! The best part is that in the end the call wasn’t for what they thought it was for. These Tulsa, Oklahoma fire and rescue squads were called out for what folks thought was […]

The summer around the tri-states brings lots of weather stories. Whether we’re melting from the sweltering heat, in the middle of a drought, or filming sewers overflowing due to a deluge of rain there is always something to talk about. Now this year hasn’t been great for thunderstorms. I’m talking about the good ones that […]

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